The vision of this project is to turn Penang into a ‘Sculpture Island’. Well-known international Malaysian and Asian sculptors will be invited to contribute towards making this dream a reality. These Asian artists will lend their expertise and time pro bono to create one sculptured art piece each which will then be displayed at appropriate sites on the island of Penang.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Artist's Biodata : KIKUCHI MITSUO 菊池滿雄

Sculpture : Under a Penang Sky
Completion Date : 18th Sep 2009
Official Launch: 04th Feb 2010

Country : Japan
Born in 1946
  • 1969 Modern Artist Assn at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (Recommended Membership)
  • 1971 Solo Exhibition at Gallery Lunami (Tokyo)
  • 1972 Went to Academie du Feu (Paris)
    Solo Exhibition at Lunami (Tokyo)
  • 1976 Modern Artist Assn Awarded Artists Exhibition at Gallery Kyouji (Tokyo)
  • 1977 Modern Artist Assn Awarded Artists Exhibition at Gallery Shibuya (Tokyo)
  • 1981 Modern Artist Assn ~Withdraws
  • 1983 Received Encouragement Award at Tochigi-Ken Art Festival (Tochigi-Ken)
  • 1984 Oyama Sculpture Exhibition (Oyama-Shi, Tochigi-Ken)
  • 1985~87 Modern Art Festival at Saitama-Ken Modern Art Museum (Saitama-Ken)
  • 1988 Stone Craft Festival-Sculpture Concour at Aji & Mure (Takamatsu-Shi, Kagawa-Ken
    Participated in ‘88Nasu Sculpture Symposium at Nasu-Machi (Tochigi-Ken)
  • 1990 Solo Exhibition at Stone Gallery Harajyuku (Tokyo)
  • 1991 Stone Sculpture Exhibition at Stone Museum (Takamatsu-Shi, Kagawa-Ken)
  • 1994 Stone Craft Festival-Received Award: Participated in the International Stone Sculpture Symposium (Takamatsu-Shi, Kagawa-Ken)
  • 1996 Participated in the International Stone Sculpture Symposium at Iwate (Iwate-Ken)
    Participated in the Wood’s Sculpture Symposium at Fukaura (Aomori-Ken)
  • 1997 Stone Festival in Kagawa’97-Received Festival Award
  • 1998 Solo Exhibition at Cast Iron Gallery (New York)
  • 2001 Door to Millennium Art of Tochigi in the 20th CenturyⅡat Tochigi-ken Museum
  • 2004 Hyuuga Gendai Sculpture Exhibition 2004 at Hyuuga-Shi (Miyazaki-Ken)
  • 2009 Seto-no-Miyako-Takamatsu Stone Sculpture Triennale 2009 at Takamatsu-Shi (Takamatsu-Shi, Kagawa-ken)
To view his other sculptures, clickto enlarge the image below: